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Perm, Russia

Perm, Russia

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About Perm

About Perm

At the junction of the Yegoshikha and Kama Rivers lays Perm, one of the most culturally diverse cities in Russia. Located upon a hilly terrain near the Ural Mountains, it is well-known for its ancient history, limestone caves, and wild rivers.

The picturesque route of the River Kama stretches along with the city for 43 miles and divides it into two parts: the central part and the right bank part. Moreover, Perm is an important railway junction on the Trans-Siberian Railway with two big railway stations, the historical Perm-I and modern Perm-II. Interestingly, the city used to also be a very important salt mining location, so do not be surprised if you hear something about the workers of mines and their salty ears.

Exploring Perm

Among the highlights of a Perm sightseeing tour, especially for admirers of contemporary art, is the Perm Museum a true cultural gem. If you're a fan of the classics, you can enjoy performances at the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, which could believably compete with the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. In case you are traveling with children or simply want to relax and have fun, visit the Perm Zoo or take a walk in Park Gorkogo.

Another place which should be on your Perm itinerary is Perm-36. This memorial center of the history of political repression is the only museum in Russia that includes preserved and reconstructed buildings of the camp for political prisoners during the Soviet era.

If you've managed to see everything you wanted in Perm and still have some free time, don't worry! A day trip is a great solution in this case and we would highly recommend taking one to see the Kungur Ice Caves. It features a plentiful display of stalagmites and ice formations and remains frozen even when it is 35˚C outside. This everlasting wonderland of caves filled with shimmering crystals is surely a mesmerizing place you won't forget.

There is no doubt, that a Perm tour will definitely leave a lasting impression, so, are you ready for some active exploring?

Best Things to Do in Perm

  • Explore the Perm-36 memorial center of the history of political repression
  • Immerse into local culture by visiting the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • Set off on a day trip to the Kungur Ice Caves
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