Experience the exceptional 4-star Russian river cruise ship Tolstoy. Having been recently fully renovated, the amenities and overall high quality both of the accommodation and service make this ship our most popular budget Volga River cruise. The colorful well-decorated rooms, halls and facilities of the liner, that carries the name of a great Russian author, along with the rich entertainment programs and delicious cuisine make for creating life-lasting memories and a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Volga River

MS Tolstoy Moscow - St. Petersburg

12 days / 4-star cruise
Moscow Uglich Yaroslavl Kizhi Island Saint Petersburg

Cruise Russia on our most popular 4-star ship and enjoy impeccable service, exquisite accommodation and a warm friendly atmosphere.

Rating: 4.59

MS Tolstoy St. Petersburg - Moscow

11 days / 4-star cruise
Saint Petersburg Kizhi Island Yaroslavl Uglich Moscow

Sail from St. Pete to Moscow on board the great value Tolstoy that will give you a deep insight into the unique Russian nature, culture and history.

Rating: 4.59