If you're coming with a cruise liner to St. Petersburg port or simply want to extend your exploration of Russia for few more days, here are our top suggestions on programs to consider: St. Petersburg shore excursions and short tours in the Golden Ring towns or Far East

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg Shore Excursion

2 days / Extension
Saint Petersburg
Coming to St. Petersburg with a cruise? Shore excursion is a great way to explore St. Petersburg heritage without ever needing a Russian visa.
Rating: 4.82
Golden Ring

3-Day Golden Ring

3 days / Extension
Sergiev Posad Suzdal Yaroslavl Rostov the Great
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Travel 700 years back to the ancient towns of the Golden Ring surrounding Moscow. This is the best place to enjoy old Russian architecture and tradition
Rating: 4.89

4-Day Golden Ring

4 days / Extension
Vladimir Suzdal Yaroslavl Rostov the Great Sergiev Posad
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Travel back in time to Russia's ancient towns of the Golden Ring to see authentic traditional architecture and legacy.
Rating: 4.72
Far East

Vladivostok Break

4 days / Extension
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Meet the Easternmost city of Russia, often referred to as Russian San Francisco! Our Vladivostok tours offer you plenty of customization options
Rating: 4.31