Set off on an unforgettable adventure and discover the beauty of Russian winter. Enjoy the highlights of Moscow and Saint Petersburg with private Russia winter tours which include fun activities such as traditional troika rides on horse-drawn sleighs. Have the time of your life crossing the Arctic Circle to explore northern cities like Murmansk, noted worldwide for being among the best places on the planet to see Northern Lights.

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Russia Northern Lights

Northern Lights

12 days / Private tour
Moscow Saint Petersburg Murmansk

COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Discover the majestic Russian winter as you explore its two brilliant capitals, the inspiring Karelia region and make your way north to witness the dazzling Northern Lights.

Rating: 4.87
Two Capitals
Winter Treasures of Two Capitals

Russian Winter

7 days / Private tour
Moscow Saint Petersburg
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Experience Russia during winter. Resting under the white blanket of snow, Moscow & St. Petersburg expose guests to exciting winter activities
Rating: 4.76
Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer Journey

Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer Journey

Saint Petersburg Kirkenes Murmansk Petrozavodsk Vladimir Suzdal Moscow
COMPLIMENTARY VISAS Immerse yourself in a winter fairytale as you set off on a journey on board the luxurious Golden Eagle train to explore the Arctic and Northern Lights.
Rating: 4.88