Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours from Moscow to Ulan Bator
Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours

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Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours

Everyone has undoubtedly heard about the incredible experience of traveling along the world-famous Trans-Siberian Railway. It is an excellent way to explore magnificent Russia onboard a comfortable train, making pit-stops in numerous remarkable cities. During the journey, you visit such locations as amazing Kazan - the third capital of Russia, breathtaking Listvyanka Village, nestled on the shores of the jaw-dropping Lake Baikal, and divine Ulan-Ude, located on the crossroad between Europe and Asia. Finding a way to make the trip even more exciting seems a task close to being impossible, but we've found one. Why not add mysterious Mongolia to the mix? Travel from one-of-a-kind Moscow to wondrous Ulan Bator, stay in top-notch downtown hotels, and enjoy comprehensive sightseeing tours, as well as top-class service. Use the chance to marvel at the mesmerizing beauty and unique culture of two striking countries, Russia and Mongolia, during this epic adventure. If you are just as excited to hit the road as we are, feel free to browse through our collection of the best Trans-Mongolian train tours below.

Tours on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

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Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours Travel Packages

Explore the picturesque scenery along the Trans-Mongolian Railway and get better acquainted with the different cultures you meet along the way. Crossing numerous authentic towns and villages, such as Irkutsk, Kazan, Listvyanka Village, Ulan-Bator, and others, the train ride includes not only scenic sights but unique activities as well. Enjoy a folk show, marvel at a horseback riding show, taste exceptional cuisine at a local family, or take a leisurely boat ride on the largest fresh-water lake in the world - there is plenty to see and do.

Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours Highlights

  • Guided sightseeing tours of Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk
  • Discovering the charm of Listvyanka Village
  • A night in a Mongolian ger camp
  • Tatar Cooking Master Class
  • Chair-lift to the Baikal viewpoint
  • Meeting with a Nomadic family
  • Mongolian Folk show in Ulan Bator
  • Horseback riding show in thea Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Tips for Trans-Mongolian Railway Tours Travel

  • Having local currency on hand is always a good idea; the local currency in Russia is the Russian ruble, in Mongolia - the Mongolian tugrik
  • Make sure to pack warm and comfortable clothing for a comfy train ride
  • It is advisable to have all the necessary medication on hand, especially if you have motion sickness
  • You might want to have your favorite playlist, a book, or other activities prepared, especially for longer train rides; a travel pillow might also come in handy

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